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France Recipe Category

Asparagus at Argenteuil
Baked Camembert Appetizer
Camembert Mushroom Tomato Salad
Cantalope with Brie Salad
Caramelized Carrot Strips
Caviar and Egg Appetizer or Salad
Clafoutis Limousin
Court Bouillon (short broth)
Creme Brûlée (Burnt Cream)
Croutons and Soft Cheese Appetizers
Custard Dessert
Eggplant Provencal (Aubergines Provencales)
Estouffade De Boeuf
Fenouil À La Niçoise
Filet Mignon ala Paris
Filet Mignon with Black Truffles
For The Apéritif Course
French "Fois Gras" Salad
French Onion Soup
French Truffleized Cream of Vegetable Soup
Fruit and Nut Torte with Almond Cream
Garlic Soup
Green Green Salad of the Season with Grapes
Lamb with Rosemary and Anchovies
Lavender Madelines
Leg of Lamb with Herbs d'Provence
Moules Mariniere
Paris Warm Potato Salad
Parisian Fish
Pear and Berry Tarte Tatin
Pear and Custard Dessert
Poached Pears with Sauterne or Muscat, Etc....
Provençal Terrine
Provençal Tomatoes
Pâtes Aux Herbes
Rissole Potatoes with Mornay Sauce
Roquefort French Dressing / Salad
Roquefort Salad
Roquefort and Fresh Figs
Saffron Butter Sauce
Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms (Foraged Wild Mushrooms when possible)
Souffle au Grand Marnier
Tarte Aux Pommes
Tomatoes Provençal with Anchovy
Tourain (Garlic Soup from Provence)
Truffled Chicken Medallians
Tuiles Aux Amandes
Yule Log

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