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Spain Recipe Category

Ajo Aceite
Allioli with Vegetables
Anchovy Tomato Tapas
Barcelona Canalones
Barcelona Panellet (Cookies)
Barcelona Red Cabbage and Anchovy Salad
Catalonian Romesco
Chorizo Tapa
Cold Summertime Vegetable Soup
Costa del Sol Paella
Dulce De Leche
Flan with Almonds
Flan with Orange and Cinnamon ala Valencia
Fried Cabbage with Chourico
Garlic and Mint Snails
Lettuce, Fennel, and Orange Salad
Malaga "Drunken" Sponge Dessert
Malaga Wine Finished Carrots
Manchego with Quince Tapa
Paella Valenciana
Paella con Pollo
Pastel de Carne y Pimientos Murcianos
Patatas Allioli
Patatas Allioli (Potatoes with Garlic Sauce)
Pine Nuts and Mushrooms
Potatoes (Patatas) and Roasted Capsicums
Quince Paste Salad
Quince Paste and Cheeses
Salmorijo (Cold Tomato Soup from Cordoba)
Shellfish Stew Barcelona Style
Spanish Anise Cookies
Spanish Fish Soup (codfish, snapper, sole)
Spanish Flan
Spanish Fritatta
Spanish or Portuguese Quick Bread
Spinach with Vinaigrette
Suspiros de Monja (Nun's Sighs in Portugal and Spain)
Tapas of Olives, Cheeses, Jamon, Bread...
Tapas with Manchego Cheese
Tortas de Aceite
Tortilla de Batatas y Cebollas
Tortilla de Cebollas

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