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Desserts Recipe Category

Alfajores (Peruvian Cookies)
Alfajores Santafecinos
Almond Apple Pie
Almond Cake (Portuguese Toucinho do Ceu aka Bacon From Heaven)
Almond Cream Dessert
Almond Dessert
Almond Float
Almond Paste
Almond Peaches
Almond Roca Bars
Almond Sesame Cookies for Worldwide Christmas!
Almond Torte
Almond Torte
Amarena Almond Torte with Chocolate Rose
Amaretto Cream Dessert with Pears and Grapes
Amber Sauce
American Flag Dessert
Angel Food Cake for Mother's Day
Angel Food Cake with Ginger Accents
Anise Poached Pears
Apfelstrudel ... Apple Strudel
Apple Cacao Nib Torte
Apple Cinnamon Vanilla Compote
Apple Crisp
Apple Dumplings
Apple Dumplings with Butterscotch Sauce
Apple Oatmeal Scones
Apple Pandowdy
Apple Peach Cobbler / Pie
Apple Pie
Apple Puff Tarts
Apple Slices
Apple Streusel Bars
Apple Strudel from Joan and Peter
Apple Tart with Puff Pastry
Apple and Almond Baked Dessert
Apple and Banana Appetizer with Cheeses
Apple and Pear Dessert
Apricot Brownies with California Port Wine
Apricot Cobbler
Apricot Cobbler with Strudel Topping
Apricot Dessert
Apricot Ginger Cake
Apricot Nut Balls and Fresh Grapes
Apricot Pie
Apricot Pie ala Mode
Apricot Pies
Apricot Pinwheel Dessert
Apricot Roses
Apricot Sherbet
Apricot Squares
Apricot Upside Down Muffins
Apricot or Peach Ice Cream
Asian Pears with Jujubes (aka Chinese Red Dates)
Babka (Polish Cake...and in the Polish language, Babka is Grandmother)
Baby Tomatoes Stuffed with Hazelnuts
Baked Alaska
Baked Apple Ginger Dessert
Baked Apple With Cherries and Walnuts
Baked Apples Gala
Baked Coconut Caramel Custard
Baked Pears
Baked Pumpkin Custard
Baked Rice ( Risgrynskaka )
Banana Cake with Cashews (Chuoi Nuong)
Banana Cooler
Banana Cream Pie
Banana Frozen Yogurt
Banana and Berry Parfait
Bananas Flambe
Bananas with Coconut Sauce
Banket (Dutch Almond Dessert)
Basic Two Layer Yellow Cake
Basque Fritters
Bavarian Cheesecake
Beet and Carrot Halwa
Beignets ("ben-yays")
Berries, Bananas, and Brittle
Berry Corn Cobbler
Berry Deluxe Bars
Berry Sauce
Best Ever Apricot Pie
Best Ever Rum Cake
Big Sur Pumpkin Cake
Biscotti with Anise
Bizcochitos or Biscochitos
Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberry Swirl Yogurt
Blanc Mange with Fresh Strawberries
Blueberry / Blaubeere Kuchen
Blueberry Brownies
Blueberry Custard Pie
Blueberry Grunt
Blueberry Jam in a Flash!
Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry and Chocolate Squares
Bourbon Balls
Brandy Sauce
Bread Pudding
Brown Sugar Bourbon Peaches
Brown Sugar Shortbread
Brownies Better Than Ever!
Buko - Coconut Cream Pie
Bumbleberry Dessert (full skillet for full moon!)
Buttercream for Piping Roses, etc.
Buttermilk Cookie Dessert with Fresh Berries
Butterscotch Sauce
Cake Sauce or Salad Dressing
California Almond and Orange Dessert
California Date Dessert with Blueberry Jam
California Date Torte
Cantucci di Prato
Cantucci with Vin Santo (Tuscan Almond Biscotti)
Caramel Apple Pudding
Caramel Apple Slices
Caramel Apples
Caramelized Sugar Syrup
Carrot Olive Oil Cake or Bread
Carrot and Coconut Bread
Cashew Cream
Chantilly Cream with Fresh Local Berries
Cheddar and Caramel
Cheesecake Candy Truffles
Cherries Jubilee
Cherries and Apricots with Cinnamon Sauce
Cherries for Dessert
Cherries with Mascarpone
Cherry Bombs or Berry Bombs
Cherry Cobbler
Cherry Mascarpone Swirly Swoon
Cherry Pie and Ice Cream
Cherry Souffle Pudding
Cherry Upside Down Cake
Cherry and Port Dessert Omelette Red, White, and Blue!
Chilled Mango Dessert
Chinese Ginger Custard
Chocolate Almond Pear Pudding Deluxe
Chocolate Almond Pie
Chocolate Angel Food Cake
Chocolate Apple Loaf Cake with Pumpkin Pudding
Chocolate Apple Meringue Cookies
Chocolate Apricot Torte
Chocolate Biscotti
Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Sticks
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate Cherries
Chocolate Cherry Right Side Up Cake
Chocolate Chili Pepper Sauce
Chocolate Chip Toss
Chocolate Coconut Bars
Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake
Chocolate Covered Cheese with Black Sea Salt
Chocolate Covered Crackers
Chocolate Covered Fresh Cherries
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate Cranberry Dessert
Chocolate Crisps with Cacao Nibs
Chocolate Custard (or Vanilla Custard)
Chocolate Dipped Apricots
Chocolate Dipped Apricots with Cocoa Nibs
Chocolate Dipped Peanuts
Chocolate Flowers and Such
Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Kisses
Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Leaves
Chocolate Mascarpone Rolled Dessert
Chocolate Mint Dipping Sauce for Sundaes or Fruit
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Nut Caramel Dessert
Chocolate Nut Chilled Dessert
Chocolate Nut Granola Cupcakes
Chocolate Nut Torte
Chocolate Orange Pearl Tapioca
Chocolate Pretzels - Schokoladen Brezeln
Chocolate Quinoa Sauce or Salad Dressing
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Seeded Treats for 2016
Chocolate Sombrero
Chocolate Souffle
Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate Strawberry Delights for a Delighitful Mother's Day!
Chocolate Strawberry Layered / Marbelized Cheesecake
Chocolate Torte
Chow Mein Dragons
Christmas Candy Plate
Chunky Cherry Nut Ice Cream Sauce
Cinnamon Apple Rings
Cinnamon Apples with Vanilla Ice Cream
Citrus Bundt Cake
Citrus Compote
Citrus and Dried Plum Compote with Chocolate Drizzle
Clafouti with Fresh Fruits of the Season
Clafoutis Limousin
Coconut Bananas
Coconut Bananas with Mexican Chocolate Drizzle
Coconut Boiled Cakes
Coeur à la Crème
Cold Raspberry Mousse
Cooking Dried Apricots
Cool Fruit Salad or Cheese Appetizer
Cranberry Bundt Cake / Wreath
Cranberry Christmas Salad
Cranberry Filling for Chocolate Shells
Cranberry Fruit Pie
Cranberry Sipper
Cranberry Tart
Cream Puffs
Creamy Cheesecake
Creamy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Creamy Dessert Topping or Spread
Creamy Well Seasoned Bananas
Creme Brûlée (Burnt Cream)
Creme de Menthe Fool
Crepes Suzette
Crispy Cookies with Fruit
Croissant Bread Pudding
Croissant Pot de Creme
Crown Jewel Dessert
Crumb Crust
Cuban Caramel Flan in a Pan
Cuban Turrones
Custard Dessert
Custard Pie
Dark Chocolate World Wide Hearts to Love
Date Delights
Date Nut Clusters
Date Pudding
Date and Pecan Baked Pudding
Dessert Crepes
Dessert Sauce for Cakes, Puddings, Fruits
Dipped Apricots
Don't Tell William Tell
Dort and Duane's Oatmeal Cookies
Dulce De Leche
Dulce de Leche
Egg Cake
Elderberry and Wine
Election Day Cake
Emmenthal and Chive Cheese Biscuits
Espresso Granita
Eton Mess (Strawberry Meringue Dessert)
Fabulous Fruitcake aka Stow-Away Cake
Fall Brownies with Pumpkin Ice Cream
Fall Fruit Brown Betty
Fall Fruit Tarts
Feqqas (Moroccan Almond and Anise Cookies)
Figs Stuffed with Almonds / Figos Recheados
Filipino Biko (Sweet Rice Cake)
Flaming Brandy for Persimmon Pudding, etc.
Flaming Cranberry Molasses Cake
Flan de Mango Cinco de Mayo
Flan with Almonds
Flan with Orange and Cinnamon ala Valencia
Floating Islands
Fluffy Creamy White Frosting for Cakes, etc.
Frangipane Cake / Tart
French Chocolate Macarons with Fresh Fruit
French Quarter Brandy Milk "Punch"
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Fresh Apricot Squares
Fresh Berry Compote
Fresh Berry Pie
Fresh Blueberry Cobbler ala Maine
Fresh Cherries, Mint and Chocolate
Fresh Cherry Bombs
Fresh Cherry and Citrus Tart
Fresh Fruit Cake Dessert
Fresh Fruit Coulis
Fresh Fruit Crispy Tart Desserts
Fresh Fruit Tarts
Fresh Fruit Trifle
Fresh Fruit and Cheese
Fresh Fruit on Almond Custard
Fresh Fruit with Tea Cream
Fresh Fruits with Vanilla Fluff
Fresh Peach Bread Pudding with Orange Sauce
Fresh Peach Cobbler
Fresh Peach Cobbler
Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee Cake
Fresh Pear Tart
Fried Cream ala San Francisco
Frosting On The Cake
Frozen Fresh Strawberry Souffle
Frozen Lemon Souffle
Frozen Mousse
Fruit Cobbler of the Season
Fruit Compote
Fruit Kebobs
Fruit Pie and Tart Filling
Fruit Salsa for Dessert Cakes
Fruit Sponge Waffle Dessert
Fruit Tart with Champagne Sabayon
Fruit Tarts
Fruit and Nut Torte with Almond Cream
Fruit and Rice Ice Cream
Fruit or Nut Waffles (Breakfast, Brunch, or Dessert!)
Ginger Bars
Ginger Bleu
Ginger Cake (aka Gingerbread)
Ginger Cream Dip with Fresh Fruits
Ginger Crispy Cookies
Ginger Custard
Ginger Snaps
Glazed Strawberries
Glorified Rice
Gooseberry Fool
Grand Marnier Dessert Sauce
Grape Dessert
Grape Pie
Grasshopper Pie
Grazing Apple "Pie"
Green Tea Almond Cream Dessert
Greens and Fruit with Cherry Dressing
Grilled Apples over Brie
Grilled Fresh Peaches
Half Pound Cake
Haupia (Coconut Pudding Squares)
Hazelnut Truffle Candies
Hearty Apple Dessert
Hemp Bars
Herb Muffins
Honey Dabo Kolo (Ethiopian Dessert)
Honey Glazed Fresh Apricot Tart
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Fudge Sauce
Ice Cream Pie
Ice Cream Soda
Ice Cream Trough
Ice Cream with Balsamic
Indianerkrapfen (Vienna legend cream puffs)
Irish Chocolate Shamrocks
Irish Cream
Irish Cream Coffee Cake as per Edward Lear
Irish Cream Pie
Irish Cream Pudding
Irish Whiskey Cake with Irish Cranachan
Italian Pizelle
Jam Jams of Newfoundland
Japanese Sponge with Matcha
Jello As Jello with Whipped Cream
Jelly Roll Deluxe
Just a Little Layer Cake
Key Lime Pie
Khvorost (Russian "twigs")
King's Cake
Kona Coffee Chocolate Sauce
Korean Dessert Bars / Cookies
Korean Soymilk Ginger Custard Dessert
Kranse Ring Cake
Lady Fingers with Lemon Curd
Lavender Madelines
Layer Cake / Torte
Layered Jello
Lemon Buttermilk Chess Pie
Lemon Dessert Souffle
Lemon Maple Matcha Crispies
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Pudding Served in Orange Cups
Lemon Sauce
Lemon Scones
Lemon Scrolls
Lemon Sorbet
Lemon Tart
Lemon Zest Souffle
Lemon or Orange Granita
Libyan Basbousa (dessert)
Lovers Point Seeded Dessert Bars
Lychee Dessert Sauce
Macadamia Chiffon Dessert
Macadamia Nut Dessert
Malaga "Drunken" Sponge Dessert
Mandarin Orange Dessert
Mango Ginger Flip
Mango Ice Cream
Maple Upside Down Cake
Martha Washington's Whiskey Cake
Mary's Orange Drop Doughnuts
Mascarpone Banana Pudding
Mascarpone Jam Frozen Dessert
Mascarpone and Berries
Mascarpone and Fruit Bowl Dessert
Matcha Cheesecake
Mayan Chocolate Dip
Melon Sorbet
Melting Moments
Meringue Mushrooms
Mexican Chocolate Whipped Sauce
Middle Eastern Semolina Pistachio Dessert
Millet with Cheese and Chives
Mint Cream
Mississippi Mud Pie (Fudge Nut Bars)
Mocha Crispies
Mocha Fudge Pie with Fresh Peaches
Natillas (Soft Cooked Custard)
New Orleans Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce
New York Cheesecake
Oatmeal Cake
Oatmeal Cheese Jack-O-Lantern
Oatmeal Fruit Bars
Olallieberry or Black Raspberry Pie
Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake
Oliebollen, or Vetbollen
Olive Oil Bundt Cake
Olive Oil Dessert Drizzling Sauce
Orange Blossom Custard / Moroccan Mulhalbia
Orange Brownies
Orange Coffee Cake
Orange Julius
Orange Meringue Pie
Orange Scrolls and Granita
Orange and Dried Plum Compote
Orange or Lemon Custard
Ozark Pie ... AKA California Apple and Nut Dessert!
Pare a Pear to Pair
Passover Wine Cake
Pastel de Tres Leches
Pastry Cream for Puffs and Tarts
Pastry for a Double Crust Pie
Pavlova Cake (a nice meringue cake!)
Pavlova with Kiwi and Macadamia Nuts
Peach "Upside" Down Caramel Dessert
Peach Cobbler
Peach Coulis
Peach Ice Cream Sauce
Peach Pie
Peach Torte
Pear Clafouti (up-side-down dessert!)
Pear Tart
Pear and Apple Sauce
Pear and Custard Dessert
Pear and Stilton Tart
Pear or Peach and Blueberry Dessert
Pears Poached in Red Wine or Apple Juice
Pecan Pie
Pecan Roll
Pernod or Cointreau Date Cream Dessert
Persian Melon and Peach Compote
Persimmon Slices ... Fuyu
Persimmon or Applesauce Pudding
Petit Four Glacé
Petticoat Tails / Shortbread Cookies
Philadelphia Peach Ice Cream
Philadelphia Strawberry Ice Cream
Pie Crust
Pierogies with Fruit Filling
Pineapple Pie
Pineapple Up Side Down Cake
Pinto Bean Pie
Plum Pudding Sauce
Poached Pears with Amaretto Zabaglione
Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce
Poached Pears with Ginger Snaps
Poached Pears with Marsala
Poached Pears with Sauterne or Muscat, Etc....
Port Lingo
Port Wine Dessert
Porter Cake with Whiskey Sauce
Porto Pudim Flan
Pride of Iowa Cookies
Prune Cake
Pudding Rachel
Puff Cut-Outs with Coulis and Fruits
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Bundt Cake (or cakes)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Cupcakes
Pumpkin Custards
Pumpkin Frozen Dessert Squares
Pumpkin Ice Cream
Pumpkin Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie in a Glass
Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Cream Topping
Pumpkin Pudding
Queijadas de Leite (Portuguese Cupcakes)
Quinoa Dessert Crepes with Fresh Strawberry Cream
Quinoa Raisin Cake
Raised Yeast Doughnuts
Raisin Sauce
Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry Cheesecake Individuals
Raspberry Heart Cheesecakes
Raspberry Tart
Raspberry Tarts
Raspberry Torte
Rhineland German Chocolate Bundt Cake
Rhubarb Cake
Rhubarb Cobbler
Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pudding
Rice Pudding
Rice Pudding
Ricotta Pie
Ricotta and Apricot Tart
Roasted Seasonal Walnuts (Easy)
Roly- Poly Jam Roll or Sponge Cake with Strawberries
Roman Sponge
Rose Crackers
Royal Icing with Meringue Powder
Rum Cake
Rum Sauce
Salzburger Nockerl
Scotch Cake
Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels
Seattle Buttermilk Doughnuts
Sesame Seed Cookies
Settlers Pudding
Silken Chocolate Sauce
Sleigh Full of Salad from Around the World!
Souffle au Grand Marnier
Spanish Flan
Spice Bars
Spiced Nuts for the Holidays (every day is a holiday with these!)
Sponge Cake with Strawberries
Sponge Squares ala New Mexico!
Steamed Cake
Steamed Date Pecan Chocolate Nib Pudding
Steamed Plum Pudding
Stewed Prunes with Maple Syrup
Stir and Bake Cake
Stone Fruit Sorbet
Strawberries Stuffed with Cream
Strawberries and Custard with Ladyfingers
Strawberries in Style
Strawberries with Balsamic
Strawberry Caramel Upside Down Cake
Strawberry Chocolate Crepe Rolls
Strawberry Cobbler Nice and FRESH!!
Strawberry Coulis
Strawberry Cream Crepes
Strawberry Fantasy
Strawberry Fields Forever with Chantilly Lace
Strawberry Maple Upside-Down Cake
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Strawberry Sauce
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Smoothies
Strawberry Sorbet
Strawberry Torte... aka Celebration Cake!
Strawberry Wine Pie
Strawberry and Lemon Poundcake
Streusel Coffee Cake
Streusel Cream Peach Pie
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Syrup
Suspiros de Monja (Nun's Sighs in Portugal and Spain)
Sweet Coconut Bananas
Sweet Potato or Yam Parfait
Sweet Red Bean Paste Treats
Sweet Wonton
Swiss Black Almond Torte
Tapioca and Fresh Fruits
Tart Crust
The Snake Pastry (M'hanncha)
Toasted Coconut Marmalade Topping
Torte with Buttercream and Fruits
Tuiles Aux Amandes
Twisted Britches
Ultimate Bar Cookies
Valentine Cheesecake
Valentine Cheesecake Supreme
Vanilla Almond Cake
Vanilla Bean Sauce
Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream
Vanilla Ginger Puffs
Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Sauce for Cakes, etc.
Vanilla and Coconut Ice Cream / Dessert Sauce
Vegetable Jello Salad
Vegetables for Dessert! ???
Very Berry Cake with Chantilly Cream
Viennese Coffee
Warm "Baked" Bananas
Warm Apricots with Almonds
Warm Cake Sauce
Whiskey Sauce for Pecan Pie
White Chocolate Cranberry Nut Cake
White Chocolate and Port Truffles
Wine and Watermelon Sorbet
Winter Fruit Hot Compote
Yams Hawaiian Style
Yeast Roll Dough for Spirals
Yellow Cupcakes with Tan Frosting
Yule Log
Zabaione (Zabaglione)
Zinfandel Cake with Sweet Fig Topping
Zippy Bars
Zucchini Balsamic Dessert
Zucchini Cake
Zucchini Hazelnut Cake (or Almond, Walnut, as desired!)
Zucchini Tomato Cobbler

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