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From Dorothy McNett's recipes at I want to change the name of the microwave oven to "the vegetable cooker". This proves it! Using fresh Central California artichokes this recipe was featured for a television show, Central California Cooking with Dorothy McNett. The audience loved the ease of cooking, but especially the color, taste and texture of the artichoke.

1-3 medium artichokes
fresh orange or lemon slices
extra virgin olive oil
a few grains of sea salt
a few grindings of peppercorns
fresh or dried herbs, as desired

With a sharp chef knife, slice off the stem and then slice off the top of each one about 1 inch down to make a flat top. With your kitchen shears, snip off the tips of each leaf to remove the thorn and any brown spots. Wash very well. Place orange or lemon slices in glass or ceramic batter bowl, and place the artichokes upside down on top of orange or lemon slices. Drizzle with a little olive oil, add salt and pepper and herbs. Cover with a glass or ceramic lid. (If dish does not have a lid, use a ceramic dinner plate or flat soup bowl for the lid.) Cook in microwave using about 3-4 minutes for each artichoke, or until the heart is tender when pierced with a fork. Cool right side up in the juices for about 5 minutes. With a small spoon scoop out and discard the thistle (hairy choke), keeping the delicate heart in tact. Serve as it, with dips, use in other recipes, etc!!! It is endless once you get the chokes cooked correctly!

Recipe created 1999-03-10.

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