Roasted Seasonal Walnuts (Easy) Recipe

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Roasted Seasonal Walnuts (Easy)

Submitted by Aunt Mattie of Paicines, California for our recipe files several years ago.

shelled San Benito County walnuts
olive oil
garlic powder
sea salt

Throw some shelled walnuts into a bowl. Drizzle your favorite olive oil over them. Add garlic powder, sea salt, and rosemary. Mix together and taste; add any of the above ingredients to your liking. Place on nonstick cookie sheet and roast in preheated 350 degrees oven anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes, or until walnuts turn brown and crunchy. My roasting time is always different. I serve on a platter with crackers, cambozola or other blue cheese and top with the walnuts. Enjoy!

Recipe created 1999-03-16.

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