Sushi aka California Rolls Recipe

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Sushi aka California Rolls

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Dashi is a soup stock made with kombu (sea weed) and water, and sometimes dried bonito tuna flakes. You can use vegetable stock if you do not have dashi. Be creative with the fillings!

Sushi Rice, cooked and cooled (see recipe for Sushi Rice)
2-4 tablespoons sesame or hemp seeds
1-2 thin long fresh carrots or other vegetables cut into long thin strips
8-10 fresh long green beans
2 tablespoons dashi or vegetable stock
3-4 fresh shiitake mushrooms (or 2-3 dried ones, soaked and drained)
1/2 cup fresh peas
1 small avocado
nori (seaweed) sheets (sold as sushinori in a pkg. of 10)

pickled ginger slices
finely chopped chives or onion, as desired
soy sauce
rice wine vinegar

Set the cooked rice aside. Slice the carrots thinly into long strips. Remove stem end from beans and slice large ones in half lengthwise. Place carrots and beans in glass or ceramic dish or bowl, add dashi or broth. Cover. Cook in microwave 2 minutes. Slice mushrooms into strips and add to carrots and beans. Add peas. Cover. Cook 1 minute. Remove vegetables from liquid to a plate and sprinkle with a tad bit of rice vinegar. Set aside to cool.
Place a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi rolling mat, lining up the shortest edge with the bottom of the mat. Spread enough rice mixture, about 1 cup of it, over the nori sheet, leaving a 2 inch edge at the top. Sprinkle with sesame or hemp seeds. Place the vegetable strips plus slices of avocado in rows in the middle of the rice, making 1 neat row of vegetables. Roll the mat, guiding the vegetables as needed. Squeeze mat to secure ingredients. Unroll the mat. Wrap with waxed paper and set aside while you roll more. When ready to slice, place on cutting board and using a very sharp slicing knife, cut into slices about 1 inch. Garnish with tidbits of ginger, onion, wasabi, and serve with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and any other desired dipping sauces.

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