Little Sandwiches Recipe

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Little Sandwiches

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2 colors of bread (white and dark)
red pepper relish
cream cheese
cooked tuna or crab (fresh or good quality canned)
sea salt
freshly ground pepper
fresh herbs, such as tarragon or basil
very finely chopped pecans or peanuts

Cut the crusts from the bread and save for making a bread pudding. Spread each slice with a very thin layer of butter to the very ends, not just in the middle. On some, spread tapanade, on others spread red pepper relish. Soften the cream cheese and mix with the crab or tuna, season with salt, pepper, and snipped fresh herbs, making a soft filling that will spread but will hold its shape, adding a little pickle or relish juice if necessary. Spread over the slices of bread, and top with a sprinkling of very finely chopped nuts. Serve open faced, or place another bread slice on the top. Press gently to make it stick together. These can be cut into squares or triangles. If not too full with goodies, they also can be cut with cookie cutters. (Don't put too much filling in if you want to do that!)

Recipe created 1999-08-31.

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