Color Flow Frosting Recipe

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Color Flow Frosting

Special smooth frosting, as presented by Louise Sciutto for our holiday cookie class, 1999.

4 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons color flow powder
1/4 cup water
plus 1-2 teaspoons water as needed
1-2 drops of flavoring oil
Paste colors as desired

Put sifted powdered sugar in a glass bowl (must be grease
free bowl). Add color flow and stir to blend. Add water
and stir to mix and form a smooth runny-type frosting.
Add flavoring and stir to blend. The stiffer frosting may
be used to do any outlining on cookies or patterns first,
using a #2 tip. Color frosting as desired.
Next step: add 1 teaspoon of water at a time to make a
more liquid frosting. The frosting is ready for the flow
or fill-in step when a drop has blended back into the
rest of the frosting at the count of ten. Frosting may be
divided and colored as desired. Keep all frosting that is
not in use covered with a damp towel as it will start the
drying process.
Put frosting in a parchment paper decorating cone without
a decorating tip. Fold up end so the frosting does not start
to run out. When all bags are filled and ready, cut a
medium hole and begin the process of filling in an
outlined area with the color flow frosting using a zig-zag
motion. It will blend together and make a very smooth
surface. One can add more colors while it is still soft to
create different designs. It will take a few hours for the
surface to completely dry (overnight).
Use luster dusts to paint on the completely dry surface.
Use a dry brush to paint on the surface. One can also mix
the luster dust with a flavor oil to make a paste which can
then be painted on the smooth surface.
Royal frosting can be used to add more designs or writing
on the smooth surface.
Have fun.

Recipe created 1999-11-06.

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