Sausage and Apple Kebobs Recipe

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Sausage and Apple Kebobs

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at For a brunch presentation and other larger gatherings, don't bother with the skewers. Just slice and cook and stir in your wok or stir-fry pan. Serve over a bed of baby greens or baby spinach in a beautiful bowl. It is a great combination of flavors with the spicy hot jam, smoked meat, and sweet fruits.

2-3 smoked chicken apple sausages, or other sausages as desired
1-2 apples
1-2 pears
1-2 sweet summer onions
1/2 cup sweet and spicy hot marinade (peppered jam or jelly, etc)

Cut the sausages into slices on the angle, each about 1 inch thick. Cut the apples, pears, and onion into similar sized wedges. Using metal skewers, alternate meat with fruits and onion. Brush over entire surface with your choice of a marinade, or sauce. Grill over medium hot coals, or on a stove top grill until nicely browned and juicy. Serve sprinkled with snipped fresh cilantro.

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