Seafood Kebob Appetizers Recipe

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Seafood Kebob Appetizers

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at

shelled and deveined shrimp
bay scallops
fresh mushroom caps, cut into chunks if very large
onion chunks or tiny boiling onions
banana chunks
kiwi chunks
spicy peanut sauce
coconut, if desired

Marinate the shrimp and scallops about 30 mintues in just enough Thai peanut sauce to coat them. When ready to cook, arrange the items including the banana and kiwi chunks on skewers. Grill over medium hot coals until the shrimp turns pink and the scallops are done. Serve with more sauce, and sprinkle with diced coconut if desired. Cilantro is nice, also.

Recipe created 2000-07-07.

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