Artichokes Grilled Recipe

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Artichokes Grilled

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at A wonderful appetizer as well as a great vegetable side-dish. They can be made ahead and served at room temperature. A great Valentine dinner item, keeping in mind that you do not want to harm the heart!

olive oil
coarse sea salt

Precook artichokes. (See recipe for Artichokes.) Cut the cooked and cooled chokes in half, lengthwise. Remove the clump of thistles, using a small metal measuring spoon to dig them out without harming the heart. Brush all the open surfaces with olive oil. Place on stove-top grill and grill until slightly browned. Sprinkle with just a tiny bit of coarse sea salt and arrange on a beautiful platter. Drizzle with more oil, if desired.

Recipe created 2001-03-05.

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