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Fine Cheeses Fine Wines

These are just suggestions...taste to make sure! These are the choices for today's class.

1. Cheese and Fruit Course with Pinot Grigio (Italy) $5.99
Teleme, Fromager des Clarines, Sesame Croccotini Crackers, Dutch Crisps with Caviar and Fromage Blanc, Apple Slices

2. Brie en Croute with Leal Chardonnay San Benito County (2000) $22.99 and / or Sangiovese de Romagna 1998 Italy
Dried Apricots, spicy Mashuga Nuts, with the Brie being Exploreteur

3. Sheep's milk cheese (such as Petit Basque, Manchego, Roman Table Cheese) with Spanish Tempranillo Torre Oria 1998 $7.99
We are sampling Petit Basque cut into wedges...keep it simple!

4. Stilton Appetizers with Flint 1999 Pinot Noir Gary's Vineyard
Diced Tomates in Olive Oil with Basil, Baguette Slices
Apple Slices or Pear Slices

5. Robust Cheeses (raclette, emmenthal, Maytag Blue, Morbier, Camenbert...) with Cabernet Sauvignon (we are tasting a fabulous 1999 Carmenet $69.99)
Choose cheeses that can be cut into cubes or slices for finger foods, avoiding too many crackers and such. Simple Baguette slices are wonderful. Perhaps a little salty anchovie or nuts, but sparingly.

6. Chocolates...with above Cabernet or serve Ladyfingers to dip into a Late Harvest Santa Barbara Sauvignon Blanc 1998

Recipe created 2002-02-02.

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