Rich Rarebit Recipe

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Rich Rarebit

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at In Wales long ago the peasants were not allowed to hunt on the estates of noblemen. So they served melted cheese over bread as a substitute for rabbit, the popular prize of a hunt. With tongue in cheek, the melted cheese became known as "a rare bit" instead of rabbit.

1 pound naturally aged Cheddar or Gouda
3/4 cup cream (or gingerale!)
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
a few dashes of hot sauce, or Worcestershire sauce
a few grindings of peppercorns
crisp crackers or toast

Grate cheese or break into chunks for easy melting. In fondue pot or saucepan heat cream or gingerale with mustard, hot sauce and pepper. Add cheese and stir and heat a few minutes on medium low heat to melt cheese. Arrange crackers or bread slices on plate or platter and pour melted cheese mixture over. Many times it is served topped with sliced tomatoes with sausage links on the side.

Recipe created 2002-03-12.

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