Chicken Fingers as a Finger Food Recipe

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Chicken Fingers as a Finger Food

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at A nice appetizer served with Chimichurri Sauce and vegetable sticks such as carrots, radishes, etc. If desired, stir a bit of mayonnaise into the Chimichurri Sauce if it seems too "drippy" for dipping!

2-3 chicken breasts, skinned and boned
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
pinches of fine sea salt
freshly ground pepper
paprika, dried herbs
chimichurri or other barbeque sauces, etc. for dipping

Wash and pat the chicken dry with paper towels. Cut into pieces about 1/2 inch by 2 inches. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika and herbs. Heat saute pan, adding a little olive oil as needed. Cook chicken on medium heat 3-4 minutes, stirring to brown lightly and cook thoroughly. Serve along with vegetable strips for dipping

Recipe created 2002-05-13.

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