Cheese Heart, Flag or Jack-O-Lantern Recipe

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book.

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Cheese Heart, Flag or Jack-O-Lantern

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at Let the artist come forth!

fresh ricotta cheese or cream cheese
drizzles of olive oil
seasonings, herbs, tapanades as needed
sea salt and freshly ground peppercorns
roasted red bell peppers
lavender blossoms or blueish figs
sliced cooked beets cut into heart shapes, for a Valentine presentation
various dried fruits
various nuts
dark chocolate chips
crackers or thin bread slices

For a flag: (Great for 4th of July, etc) Spread a layer of the fresh ricotta or softened cream cheese over a flat plate in a rectangular shape. Lay strips of the roasted red bell peppers for the stripes. Dollop some lavender or dried blueish fruits to make stars. Drizzle all with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Provide crackers or bread slices and several small decorative spreaders. Just place this in the middle of a buffet or coffee table and let the people do the rest.

For a heart: (Great for Valentine's Day, birthday party or a wedding shower) Spread a layer of the cheese over a flat plate in a heart shape. Decorate with remaining items, as desired.

For a Jack-O-Lantern: Spread a layer of the cheese over a flat plate into a pumpkin shape. Decorate with dark chocolate chips and nuts to make a mouth with teeth, sliced dried fruits for eyebrows, etc....have fun creating!

Recipe created 2002-07-02.

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