Egg Salad Sandwiches Recipe

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Egg Salad Sandwiches

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Anyone can make an egg salad sandwich, but it is what quality and how you cook the eggs that counts! No sulphur smells, please!

2-3 hard cooked or poached eggs
chopped pickle mixture or interesting relish
salt and pepper
1-2 teaspoons finely diced onion
soft bread
lettuce leaves

Chop eggs and add mayonnaise to soften. Add pickles, salt and pepper, onion and whatever else you like. (olives, celery, peppers...) Spread on soft bread, garnish with lettuce. Cut into triangles. If you divide the egg mixture, and use 2 different kinds and colors of pickle relish or tapenade, you can make ribbon sandwiches by using 3 slices of bread with two different filiings. Slice into triangles or other interesting finger food shapes. Arrange and serve!

Recipe created 2002-08-06.

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