Cherry Bombs or Berry Bombs Recipe

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Cherry Bombs or Berry Bombs

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Not just for dessert as these are great served with cheeses on a platter, especially some blue cheeses and crackers. If cherries are not available, use nice big fresh strawberries.

12-20 pitted cherries ..fresh ones when in season
cherry brandy or kirsch
1 cup dark chocolate chips (Guittard's semi-sweet chips work nicely)
semi-coarse sea salt, as desired

If using fresh cherries, pit them but leave the stem on. If using canned or bottled ones, drain juices from cherries. Place cherries in a bowl and cover with brandy or kirsch. Allow to stand in refrigerator overnight or even several days. (If using strawberries, allow to stand only a few hours) When ready to dip them, remove from the juices and pat each cherry dry with paper towels. This is very important, get them nice and dry. Melt the chocolate in a 2 cup capacity glass measuring cup 30 seconds. Stir. Heat 30 seconds more, stir to finish melting. Dip each cherry into the chocolate and place on waxed paper. Sprinkle with sea salt, if using. Allow to harden and then serve within a few hours.

Recipe created 2003-01-31.

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