Smoked Garlic Cloves Recipe

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Smoked Garlic Cloves

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe book at

40-50 cloves garlic (or use heads of garlic intact)

Using a Cameron Stove-Top Smoker, place 1-2 tablespons of Wood Chips (use only the wood dust chips recommended by the manufacturer). Place the flat metal drip pan over the chips. Place the rack in the drip pan and arrange garlic cloves or full heads of garlic on the rack. Slide the lid nearly shut, place on burner. When you see the first wisp of smoke, slide the lid completely shut and smoke / roast 12-15 minutes for cloves, and 20-25 minutes for whole heads. Allow to stand, covered, about 10 minutes so the steam will finish cooking the garlics. Enjoy!

Recipe created 2003-05-21.

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