Vegetables Microwaved Recipe

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Vegetables Microwaved

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Vegetables retain their beautiful colors, flavors, textures and most nutrients when cooked this way, without any additional water. I prefer using glass or ceramic casseroles or bowls and simply cover with a glass or ceramic dinner plate for the lid. This is a great way to cook vegetables for making your own homemade soups, especially when cooking for 1-2 people!

any fresh vegetable, washed and cut into evenly sized shapes
salt, pepper as desired
herbs and seasonings as desired
perhaps some butter or olive oil, not necessary

Wash and cut vegetables. Place in a glass or ceramic casserole or bowl, or a microwave vegetable cooker. If possible, try to arrange the vegetables so that they are not piled high in the center. They cook better if there is less food in the center of the dish. Cover with glass or ceramic lid. Microwave on high power using 4 - 5 minutes per pound of vegetables as your guide. When done, test with a fork to see if it is done to your desire. Add seasonings, butter and oil as desired.

Recipe created 2003-08-28.

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