Wine Tasting and Pairing Recipe

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Wine Tasting and Pairing

1. Pignoletto (Italian lightly sprighty white) served with Top Shelf Brie, fresh grapes, apple slices and nuts)

2. Symphony (California white wine in "the tall blue bottle" served with fruit and nuts)

3. Belle Ponte Pinot Noir Murto Reserve (Oregon) served today with our Best Kept Secret laced with California Point Reyes blue cheese.

4. Clos de Gilroy Grenache (a Santa Cruz area red wine with a perfect label) served same as above.

5. Rosso Reserve 1999 Vignalta (Italian red blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc) served with Roasted Bell Peppers, olive oil, sea salt and shittaki pate along with Castroville bread sticks.

6. Danielle Port (A California port laced with chocolate flavors) served in IsaBella Zanger's wonderful dark chocolate port cups. Also chocolate dipped San Benito County dried apricots sprinkled with Cacoa Nibs.

Recipe created 2003-10-12.

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