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Sunday Wine Tasting

Thanks to the Feisthamel's for bidding and winning this wine event as offered at the Kinship Wine Tasting in September. Food and fun for family and friends is always the theme around here, let's enjoy the day!

1. Pignoletto...a light slightly bubbly white wine from ITaly. Served chilled with light crackers, creamy French Brie and perhaps some fruit. This is also nice with salty nuts or olives. It is a perfect aperitif course.

2. Tablas Creek Espirit de Beaucastel Blanc...this is a wonderful snappy white wine to pair with aged proolone or interesting cheeses and crackers, bread sticks, apple slices and nuts. This wine is also wonderful with a fish course, and I served it with a clam chowder with great success.

3. Boots Grenache....the grenache grape is coming back as its own wine. The granache is widely used as a blending grape and will be found in many melange or other creative mixtures. It is delightful with smoked salmon, cheeses, dried fruits with soft cheese.

4. Sa Vini....this is one of our newest additions to the Wine Room. This is a fabulous blend for a red table wine. This would be good with spaghetti and other tomato based pasta sauce dishes, as well as just to sip paired with pate. Today you get to taste a wonderful pork pate as well as a vegetarian pate. Try the pate on a dried apricot piece for a change...and with this wine it is a big hit.

5. Tres Pinot Noir from local winemaker Scott Flint. this is one of the best pinots around.....try it with the pate as well as a little Point Reyes blue cheese, another California favorite. Don't forget about this wine for your Thanksgiving turkey dinner! Pinot Noir is wonderful with turkey and dressing.

6. Brunello 1995 from Italy......this is a classic. I like to finish the meal or tasting with a serious red wine, to compliment perhaps some dark chocolate or simply sip slowly and enjoy.

For these featured wines today you will get a 10% discount. You will find all of these wines in our Wine Room. All of the cheeses and crackers are available in the food department. Enjoy!

Recipe created 2003-11-02.

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