Korean Ssam Recipe

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Korean Ssam

a variation of the original recipe...

2 cups short grained rice
lettuce, mint leaves, green and red pepper strips, fresh edible flowers, etc.
1/2 cup spicy sauce (sesame paste, candied ginger sauce, bbq sauce, etc.)

Cook the rice in an electric rice cooker or any way you prefer. Serve each person a bowl of rice. On a large platter, arrange the leafy greens, flowers and vegetables and place in the center of the table. Have a bowl of interesting sauces near each person, to share with other diners as well. Several sauces could be offered. To eat, place a broad lettuce leaf in one hand. Place some other vegetable on top, perhaps a flower also and then add a spoonful of the steamed rice. Dab on one of the sauces, and wrap the leaf into a ball. Eat.

Recipe created 2004-02-16.

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