Sashimi Recipe

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From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Served in your best thin stemmed wine glasses!

sashimi grade tuna
shredded daikon or red radish
soy sauce (best quality)

Create sashimi slices of a uniform size and thickenss using a very sharp sashimi or fillet knife. To do this, order a block of soft thick fleshy fish such as tuna, salmon, or bonito. The block should be about 2 inches by 2 inches by about 8 inches long and would serve 4 people. To cut it into cubic shapes, cut the block in half lengthwise and then cut each of those pieces in half lengthwise. Now, using your very sharp knife, cut into 1 inch cubes. Shred daikon and place some in a beautiful bowl or stemmed glass. Arrange the cubes of fish over the daikon. Garnish with more radish and serve with soy sauce and a dollop of wasabi. Serve immediately.

Recipe created 2004-03-23.

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