Cooking Eggs in their Shells Recipe

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Cooking Eggs in their Shells

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use this method for perfect green edges around the yolk and no sulfur smell!
Never, ever make Hard BOILED eggs...only Hard Cooked Eggs, please!

eggs room temperature (at least not directly out of the refrigerator!)

In a heavy bottomed sauce pan heat enough water so the eggs will be totally submersed when you add them. Bring the water to a boil. Then turn it down to simmer. Do not add the eggs until the water is "just under the boil". Gently lower the eggs into the water, using a slotted spoon. Keep it at medium so that they will just simmer, not dancing and boiling. For hard cooked eggs, use 7-9 minutes. For soft cooked eggs, use 5-6 minutes. When time is up, remove from heat. Gently rinse with cold water and allow to stand 3-5 minutes.

Recipe created 2004-04-12.

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