Rich Boy Poor Boy Sandwich Recipe

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Rich Boy Poor Boy Sandwich

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Adjust the style of bread for the love this with soft bread (whole wheat is fine) but soft. Adults like this with French rolls or even tucked into Pita breads, etc. Party givers like this spread on top of or between crackers....

salami or soppresata
watermelon rind pickles
soft butter or mayonnaise
sliced cheese, as desired (Goat Milk Cheddar from England)
sliced fresh green onions
sliced roasted red bell peppers
bread slices or French rolls

Grind or finely chop the salami along with the pickles. Don't make it mushy, just so that it is diced nicely. Add a dollop of catsup. Spread bread slices with butter or mayonnaise. Spread with mix. Add cheese, onions, peppers as desired.

Recipe created 2004-07-12.

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