Brown Bag Thoughts Recipe

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Brown Bag Thoughts

biscotti and bananas
cheese and crackers
stuffed celery with peanut butter, casher butter, or vegetarian caviar
dark chocolate bars (not so sweet, does not melt as easily as milk chocolate)
kinderchocolat (German chocolate with added milk and cereal)
granola cookies or bars
apple slices and orange slices packed in a baggie together
brie and ham sandwiches (Paul Towler's favorite)
thin cookies spread with peanut butter (Jodie Marshall's favorite)
little tins of herring, etc.
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
San Benito County dried Blenheim apricots
sugared walnuts
dried fruit and nut snack mix
sesame crackers
carrots, zucchini, etc cut into matchstick pieces (use a V-slicer for even cuts)

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