Shrimp with Rice Crackers Recipe

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Shrimp with Rice Crackers

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use rice crackers for serving, or use flour tortillas as suggested as an option.

1/2 pound cooked baby shrimp
1/2 cup cream cheese or mascarpone cheese
1 tablespoon port wine
pinch of sea salt
freshly ground white peppercorns to taste
2-3 sprigs fresh parsley, snipped
crispy crackers, such as rice crackers OR
1-2 flour tortilla
paprika or red pepper

Mix the shrimp, cheese, port, salt and pepper to make a creamy mixture. Add parsley. Dollop onto crackers. Garnish with pepper and serve. Or, instead of crackers make this mixture and spread over a flour tortilla. Wrap tightly. With a serrated knife, cut into slices. This pairs nicely with dry white wines, as well as red table wines. It is so popular, make lots!

Recipe created 2004-08-06.

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