Smoked Tuna or Salmon Steaks Recipe

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Smoked Tuna or Salmon Steaks

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use a stove top smoker (Cameron brand is great) and alder wood chips. (Or, use one of those fish smoker bags available in most fish markets and follow the directions on the bag.)

2-3 fresh tuna steaks, or other thick fish steak
2-3 teaspoons toasted sesame seed oil
sea salt
freshly ground pepper
hot or sweet paprika

Brush the fish with the oil and sprinkle with seasonings. Place 1-2 heaping tablespoons of the finely ground chips in the bottom pan. Place the metal plate over the chips. Place the rack on the metal plate and arrange the seasoned fish on the rack. Close the lid, leaving 1/2 inch open. Heat over high heat until you see the first wisp of smoke coming out of the opening. Slide the lid shut, reduce the heat to medium or medium low and cook for about 30 minutes. Timing depends on thickness of the fish.

Recipe created 2004-09-20.

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