Wine and Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book.

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Wine and Watermelon Sorbet

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at Sharbat is the Greek and Turkish name for this great palate cleanser to serve between rich courses of foods.

3-4 cups chunked watermelon pieces
1/2 cup rose or white wine (use a lower alcohol wine as it will freeze better)
4 tablespoons honey

Place the watermelon chunks in a deep bowl and pour over the wine and honey. Sitr gently, keeping the chunks intact as much as possible. Cover. Freeze several hours or overnight is even better. When ready to serve, place a "serving" quantity in a blender or food processor and quickly puree. Be quick. Scoop into cold serving dishes and serve right away, or place back in freezer.

Recipe created 2004-10-18.

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