Any Sauce Stir Fried Chicken Breasts Recipe

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Any Sauce Stir Fried Chicken Breasts

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Clean out the refrigerator and use up one of those bottled sauces! Or, use some fresh diced red ripe tomatoes or a nice salsa, relish, whatever! Chicken breast is so versatile, quick and easy. Serve this as is, or use in soups, salads, sandwiches, etc. Make up a batch of Tomato Relish (see recipe) and use it!

2-4 skinned and boneless chicken breasts
1-2 tablespoons olive oil or other oil of choice
1-2 tablespoons ready made sauce or marinade

Using your sharp knife, slice the chicken into small slivers at an angle as much as possible. Heat wok or stir fry pan, adding the oil and heating just till it is hot but not smoking. Add the chicken pieces along with the sauce and cook and stir until the chicken is done, about 3 minutes or so.

Recipe created 2005-01-11.

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