Avocado and Egg with Wasabi Recipe

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Avocado and Egg with Wasabi

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at www.dorothymcnett.com. Use this as a garnish or side dish to go with grilled fish, especially Grilled Ahi Tuna.

2 hard cooked eggs
1 avocado
1 - 2 teaspoons Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) powder
drops of water

(or use ready made horseradish sauce...lots to choose from)

First hard cook the eggs, according to the directions for Cooking Eggs in The Shell. After you have peeled them, slice them into wedges. Arrange on a colorful plate. Slice the avocado into wedges and arrange on the plate with the egg slices. In a small dish, combine the wasabi powder with the water to make a thin paste. Drop by little amounts over the avocado and egg pieces.

Recipe created 2005-04-17.

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