Assorted Cheeses, Olives, and Crackers Recipe

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Assorted Cheeses, Olives, and Crackers

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at This is our "Welcome!" platter and served with light bubbly Italian Prosecco, or Spanish Cava or California Champagne, it is a winner. Not everyone arrives at the same time for your party, so this is perfect as a starter course as guests arrive.

Cheddar or similar cheese, cut into chunks
Pecorino Romano or Myzithra, or other dry and salty cheese
Grilled Halloumi or other interesting cheese with quince paste
Fresh Mozzarella, sliced and sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil

olives, but not highly brined ones as it interferes with the wines. Go for oil packed, etc.
interesting crackers and a gentle dip or salsa

Arrange, arrange, arrange! Tell the origin and history of each cheese, if you know it.

Recipe created 2005-08-18.

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