Petit Basque Cheese Recipe

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Petit Basque Cheese

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Sangiovese! Or Spanish Rioja!

1 small wheel or wedge of cheese, such as the Petit Basque
sweet yet tart red ripe fresh tomatoes, diced
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
apple slices
pear slices
crackers or bread slices

Slice the cheese into wedges, or put the whole wheel on a cutting board and let people slice off a chunk with a cheese knife or wedger. Place the diced tomatoes in a bowl and drizzle with oil, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Arrange the table with a bowl of the tomatoes, the cheese, and fruit slices around the tomato bowl. Try the apple slices with some of the tomatoes on the top, and then followed by a wedge of the cheese and then a sip of Sangiovese!

Recipe created 2005-10-09.

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