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Oils to Use

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at www.dorothymcnett.com. So many oils to choose from! Here is just a simple line-up for knowing which oils to use for deep-frying and other high heat methods of cooking. Dispose of used oils by pouring the cooled oil back into the original container and disposing it with the regular garbage. Do NOT pour it down the drain as it can be an environmental water hazard and could also cause blockage in the pipes.

Oils that are best for high-heat deep fat frying and stir-frying , meaning they have a "high smoke point" over 400 degrees are the following:
Safflower oil
Rapeseed oil (another name for canola oil)
Sunflower oil
Corn oil
Peanut oil
Rice bran oil
Soybean oil
Sesame oil (best used as a flavoring oil such as in a stir-fry)
Mustard oil
Palm oil

Oils that can be used for medium heat frying, such as in pan frying, saute and etc. Not suitable for temperatures above 375 degrees as they will break down, smoke easily and leave a bad taste.
Grapeseed oil
Olive oils
Walnut oil
Almond oil

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