Progie Dough Recipe

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Progie Dough

This was Sharlene VanRooy's of Hollister Grandmeothers recipe, written as given to me! Just follow the easy directions!

6 cups flour
1 tablespoon salt
3 cups water, flesh warm

Just a little sticky but soft.

Sour Crout
Rinse twice
Simmer about 20 min., drain until cool. Fry onion in oil. Mix some onions with crout. Keep remainer to put on top of progies immediately after they are cooked.

Potatoe and Cottage cheese
Cook about 3 large potatoes
Mash and add butter, cheese (dry no cream). Salt when potatoes are cooled.

Cooking - Prepare about 3-4 onions, chop finely and fry in butter and oil.

Bring water to boil and put in enough progies to keep the water at full boil.

Cook for 5 minutes or so, drain water into another pot to reserve and blanch progies immediately as to not stick together.

Immediately sprinkle progies with cooked onions and oil so that they won't stick together. Mix them occasionally in between batches cooking.

Recipe created 2006-03-27.

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