Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Chutneys, Etc. Recipe

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Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Chutneys, Etc.

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What's the difference in the names?

1. JELLY Jelly is made by cooking fruit juice with sugar, and the end result should be firm enough to hold its shape but spreadable without bouncing back at you. The jelly is usually translucent.

2. JAM Jams are made by cooking crushed or chopped fruits with sugar, and the end result should be firm and spreadable with chunks of fruits.

3. BUTTERS Butters are made by cooking pureed fruit pulp with sugar and spices to a thick consistency and should spread easily.

4. CONSERVES Conserves are much like jam, but are made by cooking two or more fruits with sugar and should by thick and spreadable like jam. A true conserve contains nuts and raisins.

5. MARMALADES Marmalades are described as something between a jam and a jelly. They should contain small pieces of fruit or peel and it is evenly suspended in the transparent jelly.

6. PRESERVES Preserves are fruits that have been cooked with sugar so that the fruit retains its shape. The syrup is clear like honey, and pieces of the fruit are "preserved" in their shape, not crushed or chopped. Fruits can be left whole if small, or sliced if large.

7. CHUTNEY Chutney is a fruit relish of chopped fruits with sugar, spices, and vinegar as well as being highly seasoned with onion, garlic, ginger, hot peppers, and etc.

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