Beef Fondue Recipe

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Beef Fondue

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Each person will need a fondue fork for cooking the meat, and then a dinner fork for eating it. It is not a good idea to pop the hot fondue fork into your mouth!

about 1/2 pound lean sirloin or other tender beef per person
vegetable oil for fondue pot

chutney or salsa
horseradish or horseradish sauce
hot and mild mustards
other great dipping sauces, as desired
olives and pickles as condiments

Cut the meat into 3/4 inch cubes and place some on each persons side plate. Arrange bowls of your selected sauces in center of table. Let people choose their sauces to place on their individual fondue plate. Heat the oil in a deep heavy metal fondue pot (not the shallow ceramic ones used for cheese fondue) on the kitchen burner. Use enough oil to fill the fondue pot half full, but no more then about 2 inches in depth. When it is very hot (390-400 degrees) carefully place it on the fondue stand which is already placed in the middle of the table. Light the fondue fuel and keep it regulated so that the meat will cook quickly and evenly but not so hot as to have it sizzle over the sides of the fondue pan. Each person spears a piece of meat and dips it into the hot oil and cooks the meat to their desired doneness.

Recipe created 2006-10-25.

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