Pare a Pear to Pair Recipe

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Pare a Pear to Pair

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Add just a bit of roasted spicy hot pepper and a small sliver of dark chocolate for a jazzy finale pairing!

fresh good quality pears
soft and creamy blue cheese
walnut halves, or spiced pecans

Pare the pears. Slice and arrange on a beautiful platter. Dollop a bit of creamy blue cheese onto each, making a bit of a depression in the cheese. Tuck the walnut or pecan into the cheese. For dessert, pair with port in beautiful stemmed glasses. For an appetizer, arrange on a plate of greens and pair with some salsa or just eat as it is! Dare you pair anything but a pared pear, but then it could be an unpared pear!

Recipe created 2007-08-26.

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