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FRESH: Purchased refrigerated. Watch the "use by" dates, it lasts only about 2 weeks. It is the freshest, most reliable, and offers the best taste in bread. May not always be available. Proof in warm water before adding to rest of ingredients.

ACTIVE DRY: Most available in the grocery stores. It has been dried to make it dormant until use. Activate it by proofing in warm water (110-115 degrees) and a bit of sugar. Or, simply add to dry ingredients without dissolving first and then add the liquid ingredients. This yeast offers good flavor, is very reliable, and is available with a long shelf life.

INSTANT: Readily available in grocery stores. This dry yeast was made popular years ago for use in bread machines. It is finely granulated and needs no proofing in water, just add directly with the dry ingredients. The flavor is good, and can be enhanced with a longer and cooler rising time, if desired. Perfect for home bread baking, especially bread machines.

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