Bread Baking Styles Recipe

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Bread Baking Styles

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1. Yeast Bread. The leavening is yeast, available in seveal forms. Active Dry, Instant Dry, Fresh Cakes. A small jar or package of "instant dry yeast" is good to have in the cupboard and can be used for all yeast bread recipes. Most yeast breads require hand or machine kneading to develop the gluten, and then at least 1-2 rising times to create the texture and leavening power of the yeast. Can be baked as free form loaves, in bread pans, and shaped into interesting shapes for rolls. A very rewarding experience when you have the time to do this. (Bread machines are wonderful!)

Some recipes are known as "Beaten Batter Breads" and require no hand kneading nor long standing times for the rising. Development is done by hand beating and then a quick rise and then baking. The texture will be more coarse and texture heavier. Only suitable for baking in a loaf pan or cake pan. Not suitable for hand shaping as the dough is too soft and sticky and the gluten has not been developed to hold any free-form shapes.

2. "Quick" Bread. The leavening is baking powder and or baking soda usually combined with sour milk or buttermilk. Saves time as you do not have to do any kneading. Many varieties of quick breads are available. Quick and easy and very tasty.

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