Frozen Lemon Souffle Recipe

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Frozen Lemon Souffle

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at This is not a baked souffle, but a puffy lemon dessert. I like to use individual souffle dishes, each at least 1 cup in size. Makes about 6-7 individual desserts.

1 1/2 cups lemon cookie crumbs,or other crackers as desired
2 teaspoons soft butter

3 egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
zest of 1-2 lemons
1/3 cup lemon juice

1 cup whipping cream
3 egg whites
2 tablespoons sugar

Crush the cookies in food processor. Butter each souffle dish with the soft butter and sprinkle in cookie crumbs, reserving a few tablespoons for sprinkling on the tops. Set aside. In batter bowl, whisk the egg yolks with sugar, salt, lemon zest and juice very well. Cook in microwave 1 minute. Whisk well. Cook another 1-2 minutes, whisking well after each minute until mixture is thick and smooth. Cool. It is a good idea to place a piece of waxed paper directly over the surface while it cools to prevent a thick crust forming on the top. When it has cooled, remove paper and whisk well. Whip the cream and fold it into the lemon mixture. Beat the egg whites until stiff, slowly adding the sugar. Fold into the lemon mixture and pile into prepared dishes. Sprinkle with a bit of the reserved crumbs. Freeze several hours, or overnight. Allow to stand 5-10 minutes before serving.

Recipe created 2009-09-12.

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