Manchego with Quince Tapa Recipe

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Manchego with Quince Tapa

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use an assortment of Spanish cheeses on a platter and serve with fruit slices, Serrano ham, and quince paste, also known as Membrillo Mitica..

Manchego cheese (sheep milk, Spain)
other Spanish cheeses
pear, quince, apple slices
Serrano ham
quince paste

Slice the cheeses into serving sized pieces. (It is fun to slice the Manchego into triangles, then everyone can sing "my hat, it has three corners, three corners has my hat..." ) Arrange, arrange, arrange....only on glass, ceramic or wooden beautiful platters or plates, dolloping some of the quince paste onto the Manchego cheeses triangles.

Recipe created 2010-08-02.

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