Apple and Pear Tidbits Recipe

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Apple and Pear Tidbits

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There are "hundreds" of varieties of apples and pears! Generally, we are able to select a few kinds at the market. Some are better for eating out of the hand, others are better for cooking. But, generally speaking, use whatever variety you have available at the time!

Red and Yellow Delicious... just as the name says, they are delicious and are best eaten uncooked. They will not hold their shape when baking as they become soft, so your apple pie would be applesauce pie!

Gala, Granny Smith, Pippin, Rome Beauty, Winesap ...Good for pies and other baking as well as eating raw.

Gravenstein, Jonathan, McIntosh...all purpose but will not hold shape well for baked apples, etc.

Bartlett Pears...all purpose for eating raw. Good for cooking but will not hold its shape in poaching, etc.

Bosc Pears...all purpose and great for cooking.

Asian Pears...great for eating raw as well as for cooking.

Make a great appetizer / snack using a slice of apple, a slice of pear with a slice of salami in between and serve with salsa or just eat it plain!

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