Melon Balls with Salami and Celery Recipe

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book.

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Melon Balls with Salami and Celery

From Dorothy Mcnett's recipes at This is a wonderful appetizer served with a chilled crispy sav blanc or a great white wine blend. Very refreshing after a hard days work!

fresh melon of the season
Italian salami, chopped very fine
fresh mozzarella, sliced thin
celery sticks
baby spinach leaves
aged balsamic

Using a melon scooper or a teaspoon, cut the melon into balls. Or simply cut with a knife into squares, making bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle liberally with the diced salami. Place on a slice of mozzarella. Slice the celery into "toothpick" sized pieces and insert into the cheese and the melon. Arrange on a platter covered with baby spinach leaves. Drizzle with just a few drops of aged balsamic.

Recipe created 2011-08-09.

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