Cheese Balls Recipe

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Cheese Balls

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use best quality ricotta cheese directly from the refrigerator so that it will hold bite sized shapes nicely. Choose a wide variety of finely diced vegetables, herbs, cooked meats, shrimp, etc. for decorating each ball. This makes a beautiful holiday appetizer platter when arranged in a christmas tree shape! Delecious, too! Simple, too!

ricotta cheese
finely diced red and green bell pepper
finely diced green onions
finely diced red radishes
finely diced fresh herb mixture, as desired
finely diced cooked baby shrimp
nuts, seeds, spices, salt, etc. as desired

With a spoon or ice cream scoop, shape the cheese into rounds. Roll each to cover completely in one of the toppings. Arrange on beautiful platters. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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