Apples, Cheese, and Garlic Honey Recipe

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Apples, Cheese, and Garlic Honey

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Just create with fresh natural local ingredients for fingerfood appetizers. It's the garlic honey that makes it so great!

2-3 cloves garlic, (or more!) very finely minced
2-3 tablespoons local honey
pinches of snipped fresh or dried herbs
apple slices
a variety of cheeses, sliced
semi-coarse black or coral sea salt, if desired

Combine garlic and honey, adding a tiny bit of herbs as desired. Very thinly slice an apple (do not peel!). Dollop each slice with a bit of the garlic honey. Arrange on a platter along with cheese slices or wedges. If desired, sprinkle 2-3 grains of semi-coarse sea salt over the honey.

Recipe created 2012-05-01.

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