Bangers and Cheese Recipe

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Bangers and Cheese

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Bangers are sausages, so named due to rationing of meat during some war or other in England. The sausages were so stuffed with water that they sometimes exploded when heated. True or not, the name is fun so just heat some interesting cured/smoked sausages from around the world and serve with some cheese. If they pop open, call them "bangers".

slices of sausages (go for a variety)
slices of cheese ..... English cheddar or course!

If sausages are pre-cooked, simply slice and heat in a heavy bottomed skillet to brown a bit. If they need to be cooked, leave them whole and grill or cook until done in a skillet. Slice into serving pieces. Slice cheeses. Arrange, arrange, arrange.

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