Stirred, not Shaken Scrambled Eggs Recipe

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Stirred, not Shaken Scrambled Eggs

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Ian Fleming would want these prepared for him and served with Beluga caviar. He also liked Creme Fraiche if caviar was not available.

2-3 fresh free range eggs
1 teaspoon water or milk
salt and pepper, as desired
1-2 teaspoons butter or olive oil for the pan

1-2 tablespoons creme fraiche
fresh tender greens
small serving of Truffle Mousse, or other pate or caviar

In a small bowl gently stir up the eggs, adding the water or milk and salt and pepper. Heat a 6-7 inch frying pan over medium heat. Do not let it get too hot. Heat the butter or oil and then pour in the eggs. Using a silicone spatula or spoon, gently stir to scramble them. No need to shake the pan, make it Stirred not Shaken. When done to your liking, place on plate and surround with some tender greens, dollops of creme fraiche, and some of the mousse, pate or caviar.

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