Barbeque Sauced Chicken Apple Sausages Recipe

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Barbeque Sauced Chicken Apple Sausages

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Yet another wonderful way to serve sausages with your own homemade barbeque sauce. First make the Barbeque Sauce (see recipe). Serve these as an appetizer, cut into smaller pieces, or serve in a typical hot dog bun or wrapped in pita, etc. This is a great side dish to go with roasted corn on the cob.

1/2 barbeque sauce
2-3 or more fully cooked Chicken Apple Sausages
snipped fresh parsley
buns or bread, or as desired

Grill the sausages, on outdoor grill or use a stove top grill pan or a saute pan. If making them as appetizers, slice each one at an angle into about 1 inch pieces. Grill only 1-2 minutes or less, just to heat them and to brown a bit. Drizzle with the barbecue sauce, arrange on a platter and serve.

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