Ghosty Gojis Recipe

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Ghosty Gojis

From Dorothy McNett's recipe at Just for Halloween! Goji's may not be available......sometimes they are but not always! So, they are a bit ghostly...feel free to use raisins, currants, dried cranberries, etc. instead!

1 cup white chocolate chips
2-3 tablespoons goji berries (aka as Wolf Berries)
black licorice
coarse black sea salt

Melt the chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup in microwave 1 minute. Stir, adding another 30 seconds or until perfectly melted, stirring. Stir in the goji berries. Line a baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper. Using a spoon, spread and shape into ghosts, or as desired. Cut the licorice into small pieces to use as decorations. Make faces, etc. with licorice pieces and sea salt. Be creative! Allow to cool to harden at room temperature.

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